Walter Shimoon, Executive Vice President

Walter Shimoon

Walter ShimoonShimoon is an experienced Sales & Marketing Executive and is currently serving in the role of Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Clear Blue Energy Corp.  Walter spent 10 years at Flextronics; A Singapore based Contract Manufacturer and ODM as Vice President of Business Development.  During his time at Flextronics he revenues climbed from several Billion to over $36 Billion per year.  Prior to Flextronics, Shimoon spent 5 years working for Altera Corporation, a Leading FPGA and ASIC company. Walter Shimoon currently holds dual citizenship between Canada and United Sates of America.  He left Canada in the late 90′s to come to San Diego as an Ex-Pat working for a Nortel and Qualcomm joint venture.  During this time, working out of Qualcomm headquarters, in San Diego, he focused his efforts on software development and optimization for what was going to be one of the mobile industries and Verizon’s most important ventures, a CDMA base station.

Today, Walter Shimoon works as Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Clear Blue Energy Corporation.  Shimoon is an Energy Conservation and Green Energy expert. He was named in San Diego Magazine’s Top Tech Exec 2013 Awards.

Walter Shimoon holds a bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Carleton University in Ottawa Canada.  He has also completed training from the Karass School of Effective Negotiation and Miller Heiman’s Strategic Selling.


Did you know?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas which is slightly lighter than air. Carbon monoxide is produced from the partial oxidation of carbon-containing compounds. So it is present whenever any fuel such as gas, oil, kerosene, wood, or charcoal is burned.

For more information regarding CO, please see our fact sheet.


Clear Blue Energy did an excellent job in the planning, design and commissioning. It was also very helpful that Clear Blue Energy managed the entire process from rebates with Seattle City Light to installation and testing. I fully endorse the company and the saving potential of this system.

Aubrey Brown